" The moment I saw MG's version of my little treasures I felt like a kick in the stomach. I did not realize that anyone but me saw my kids for who they really are; never imagined it possible to be captured on camera. In less than half an hour MG managed to expose not just their best angles and most unique expressions - she captured all aspects of their young being in its fullest sense. MG is a true professional. But no level of skill can achieve such results, it's a gift ! " - Yuval Owner of PS Bookshop, DUMBO

"MG has photographed our daughter over multiple sessions starting at her earliest days as a newborn. Each portrait feels like an instant classic for really capturing our daughter at different ages and milestones. MG is a genuine pro who is clearly talented in her craft, but what we most appreciate is the way she puts our daughter (and us) at ease during the shoot. The portraits don't look staged or forced; she has a knack for catching our daughter at her best and most real--either looking exuberant and happy or sweetly thoughtful."  – Katie

" MG is really an extraordinary photographer.  She has taken portraits of my children- and many others in our neighborhood- several times and she has a lovely approach to working with kids of all ages. Her talent in putting kids at ease and bringing out the best in them, along with her beautiful compositions, make her photos something very special. " – Liz

" MG is a true artist, she is gifted with her art and craft and you can feel it the moment she engages you.  Before hiring MG, I had worked with another photographer and wasn't happy with the results which was disappointing and also create a lot of anxiety and worry about doing it a 2nd time around.  It was truly important to me to get the best pictures possible for my business and website as they needed to capture the essence of who I am and what I am offering to the world. MG made me feel comfortable, secure and free all at the same time.  The quality of her work is impeccable and I am so happy with all that she has created.  She really "got me" and that is what came thru in the pictures.  

I would recommend her to all of my friends and use her again. Thank you, MG ! " - Molly