Children & Family Portrait Sessions

With the understanding that every child and every family is different, each of my portrait sessions are custom by their very nature. The following portrait packages act as guidelines of what I offer; I am happy to speak with you in greater detail about you or your child's session. The session options differ in scale, but all share the same goal of delivering a quality portrait that feels natural, easy, and real. 

Each session includes the following :

- Your choice of one or two locations.
- Access to a private online gallery of edited images.
- Copy of edited images in Low Resolution,  perfect for all social media use and sharing.
- Credit for prints.
- A list of suggested top images and option to schedule a post appointment for private ordering. 

 Optional :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Ability to upgrade your session to include some or all final high resolution digital files                                                                                                          - Use of Black and White negative film, including medium format. 

Don't see a combination that suits you, just shoot me an email and we will  come up with a package that meets your needs !

About a Child

Individual Portrait Session

My individual portrait sessions are geared for one child at a time. During our time together, I will capture your child in all their giddy, sometimes quiet, wonder. From this session, you will have an abundance of portraits to choose that celebrate your child's multiple dimensions. 
◘ Example Gallery > "About a Girl"

About a Bond

Sibling Portrait Session

My "About a Bond" sessions are ideal for capturing the unique connection between brothers, sisters, and friends that might as well be considered part of the family. These sessions are the perfect chance to capture the unscripted moments between siblings or best friends. As a part of this session, you will also have a chance to have single portraits taken of each child as well.                                                                                        ◘ Example Gallery > "About a Bond"

About a Family

Classic Family Portrait Session

In the age of Instagram and Facebook, many parents have tons of snapshots of their kids hiding on their phones, but it's harder to capture the family all together in a relaxed, unified moment. This session is your clan's opportunity to do that. My classic family portrait session grants you the space and time to get the whole picture of your constantly evolving and unfolding family dynamic. Many of my repeat customers opt to make their family session a tradition for good reason; the resulting images are keepsakes. You'll come away from this session with shots of your crew together, as well as smaller combination. These sessions are flexible and I will work with you to make sure I capture "the whole picture". 
◘ Example Gallery > "About a Family"

Group and Family Portraits

Special Occassion Group Portraiture

Commemorate an important occasion like a christening, graduation, or other family gathering with a group portrait. My group/family portrait sessions are also ideal for capturing your clan just as they are now; many opt for this session for their annual family holiday card. I will create different compositions during our photo session so that you will come away with plenty of options. If you are interested in capturing several images of the whole family, as well as individual members, or sibling portraits, please see the "About a Family" option above. 


Portrait Sessions Shot with Black & White Film

I am passionate about black and white negative film, especially medium format, which is four times larger than a regular 35 mm negative. Digital photography is wonderful, but it doesn't typically match the level of detail that can be captured with medium format. The result is a higher resolution photo that more closely resembles what you actually see in the real world. This amplifies the quality of each portrait dramatically and gives me much more leverage in manipulating the photograph's depth of field. 

All my black and white negatives are printed in-house and the quality and results are just stunning! Please feel encouraged to ask me about utilizing this approach in your shoot. 

Preparing for Your Session

Anxious over whether our session will result in "the perfect shot"? Don't be; tell your child you have one expectation---to have fun! The session will be fun (really!) and your child (and you) should be encouraged to see it as something special without stressing. Things will unfold naturally and your child's natural personality will shine through; especially if they're at ease.

To encourage smooth sailing, I recommend picking out the outfit your child will be wearing in advance. Bring along a favorite toy and a couple of snacks if you think they may come in handy.