About me

A native of Belgium, MG Vander Elst came to the U.S. to attend Atlanta's Portfolio Center, where MG completed a program in Advertising Photography. There MG found herself drawn to portrait photography, especially capturing "in the moment ", expressions of a subject unrestricted by the artifice of posed images.

After graduation, MG moved North to pursue her photography career in New York City.  Having grown up in Antwerp, Belgium and being exposed to the dutch masters at an early age helped develop her own sense of style.


MG’s love for portraiture remained and fueled the development of her own independent business as a portrait photographer. In MG’s personal portraiture work she’s interested in the authentic, revealing layers not always visible at first glance.

MG lives in Brooklyn Heights, NY with her husband Kris and her two beautiful sons Etienne and Harrison. MG is happiest surrounded by her family and her camera by her side observing moments to capture.