About me


A native of Belgium, I came to the U.S. attend Atlanta's portfolio Center, where I completed a program in Advertising Photography. While there I found myself drawn to portrait photography-especially capturing kids in a natural moment - not posed. After graduation, I headed North to persue my Photography career in New York City. By assisting many different photographers, I acquired a deeper understanding of working with a range of cameras, light sources, both digital and film photography.

My attraction to children gained greater focus after the birth of my niece and then my own children. I realized how much I loved capturing each child's unique personality and decided to dedicate my career solely with them. I live in Brooklyn Heights, NY with my husband Kris and my two beautiful sons Etienne and Harrison.

Artist Statement


On Portraiture "I am always struck by the feeling a portrait can produce."

A portrait for me is a pure opportunity for engagement, as a photographer my attention is drawn to the true emotions a person can evoke, ranging from close connections to more reserved confrontations. Uncovering these moments results in keeping my curiosity peeked as a photographer.




65 Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201


+1 917.723.5274