About me

A native of Belgium, I came to the U.S. to attend Atlanta's Portfolio Center, where I completed a program in Advertising Photography. There I found myself drawn to portrait photography, especially capturing "in the moment " expressions of a subject unrestricted by the artifice of posed images, which often felt forced and inauthentic to me.

After graduation, I moved north to pursue my photography career in New York City. By assisting many different photographers, I acquired a deeper understanding of working with a range of cameras, light sources, and both digital and film photography.

My love for portrait photography remained and fueled the development of my own independent business as a portrait photographer. An initial focus on children and families has expanded to include adults. I still find time for creating images that speak to my appreciation for life's small moments and details, like my Waves series and Travel images. Stay tuned for more on my personal work.

I live in Brooklyn Heights, NY with my husband Kris and my two beautiful sons Etienne and Harrison. I love to travel and I'm happiest discovering new places with my family and my camera by my side.